Our School Vision and Values

On Tuesday 6th January 2020, we started our new term with a whole school vision morning. As a church school it is important for Little Milton School to have a vision that is rooted in our established Christian values, our motto and a verse from the bible as well as the key elements of what makes our school so special. Staff and governors used feedback from parents and children to help us put together the school vision below. Our vision underpins all aspects of our work together in school and is reviewed annually.

Each half term, to ensure we have the opportunity to ask questions and to engage with living out our values in a meaningful way, our school values are explored during collective worship, RE and PSCHE. Further opportunities are provided in our lunchtime reflection club led by our school Worship Team.

We encourage you to share and discuss our school vision and values with your children at home.


Our school vision

Like mustard seeds, we aim to nurture and enable our children to grow and flourish in the safety of our school community, underpinned by our Christian values (respect, courage, friendship, wisdom and justice). We recognise the right of every individual to learn, to be valued and to achieve their academic potential whilst having the opportunity to develop their God-given talents to blossom into happy, fulfilled and contributing members of society.


Our school bible verse

Little Milton CE School ‘is like a mustard seed, …Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of all garden plants and becomes a tree…” Matthew 13:32


Our school motto

Small School, Big Heart, Great Start.


Our school values

Respect, Justice, Courage, Wisdom and Friendship.

We chose courage because we need bravery to face challenges in life, friendship because we understand the importance of being and having friends in our school community and justice because we all try to be fair. Respect is vital: we have respect for others and for ourselves. Finally, wisdom, for us, is about making good choices.


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