Starry Night Stories 2024

This evening was the return of the much-loved Starry Night Stories where the children were invited to return to school after-hours and enjoy some time listening to their teachers read stories (plus hot chocolate and some star-gazing).

The children started their evening in the hall with yummy hot chocolate and optional marshmallows, and there was a definite buzz of excitement in the air!

We then headed to our own classrooms to hear the teachers read some stories. Rowan class were treated to Mr Bell’s childhood night-fishing stories before reading ‘Monsters’ (by Russell Hoban and Quentin Blake).

Maple class enjoyed ‘The Three Horrid Pigs and the Big Friendly Wolf’ (Liz Pichon), ‘Clickety Clack, Something to Pack’ (by Antony Lishak), and rounded off with a classic Julia Donaldson ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’.

Willow class shared ‘How to Catch a Star’ (Oliver Jeffries), ‘Kitchen Disco’ (Clare Foges), The Night Pirates (Peter Harris and Deborah Allwright), and ‘Greta & the Giants’ (Zoë Tucker & Zoe Persico)  before Mrs Smith gave into the requests for the much-loved ‘The Book with No Pictures’ (by BJ Novak).

Finally the classes spent some time taking in the night sky in their own styles: Rowans took to the playground with torches and high-energy, Maples used the quiet area to carefully examine the stars they could see across the fields, and Willows utilised their classroom garden to marvel at the moon.

It was a resounding success once again, and we even managed to raise around £40 for Sobell House as part of the Oxtrail project!

Visits: 15