Willow Class Learning Week 2


The start of a new term is always a busy time but we have been blown away by the children in Willow Class and how well they’ve settled into the routines and rhythms of school.



This week Reception have been starting to learn their initial letter sounds s/a/t/p and looking at different objects that start with those letters. We’ve also been practising how to form the letters correctly. All of the children have been concentrating hard and trying their best. The Year 1’s have been shaking off the cobwebs and recapping the Phase 3 diagraphs we learnt last year, alongside finger spaces and size of their letters; as one child said “Oh yes, I do remember that I know how to do that!”


Drawing Club

We having been sharing the book ‘Once there were giants’ which is about a little girl who views the adults in her house as giants but then grows up and becomes the giant herself when she has a baby. The story has offered us the excellent vocabulary of: roar, annoyed, scolded, puffed, and cheering. The children then has free time to draw, write and imagine different parts of the story.


Wider curriculum

Year 1 have been exploring teen numbers during these first few weeks and reacquainting ourselves with the maths vocabulary and equipment. We’ve also been learning about natural and human-made materials in Science.

The reception children have been using the classroom resources to build, create, solve puzzles, imagine stories, and extend their new phonics knowledge.


It’s been a brilliant week (and thankfully not quite as hot!). Thank you Willows for your fantastic attitudes to learning.

Mrs Smith

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