Around the World Readathon 2023

To celebrate our shared love of reading, we are challenging every child at Little Milton School to read every day until the final day of term (March 31st 2023). You can read a paragraph a day, a page a day, a chapter or even a whole book. It’s completely up to you!

The aim of our readathon, as well as getting you to read lots, is to travel across the world together stopping off at 11 countries along the way. The more you read, the more air miles you will be awarded in your special passport, and the closer we get to another country. What happens when we arrive? Well, we are welcomed with food, a cultural artefact and a fact sheet from that country. This will all happen in a special assembly, where our arrival will be announced.

As well as gathering air miles we are also encouraging you all to ask friends and family to sponsor you on your journey around the world. We suggest that they sponsor you per country reached, but they may wish to sponsor you in other ways – per word read, per page or per book for example. The sponsorship money you raise will go towards the purchase of new books for our school. Please see the sponsorship form with this letter.

Staff will check your passports every Thursday to see how much you’ve read and calculate your air miles (teachers will calculate your air miles by applying an incredibly sophisticated algorithm). We will then announce our total air miles travelled during our Friday Good Work Assemblies. Our total number of air miles needed to visit all of our countries has been calculated at 65,784, so let’s get reading!!

Bon Voyage!


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