Poppy’s Lockdown Poem!!

We are in isolation because of the corona virus trying to keep up school work and it is really starting to tire us,
My sisters finding it hard because she really wants to play with me, she wants me to join in with her monkey day care and she’s really starting to scare me!
Daddy’s really grumpy because there is no rugby, he really has the fear because he’s running out of beer!
Mummy’s really busy trying to keep us all fed, all she really wants to do is take her self to bed!
Winnie is really happy to have us all around, following me on my bike and digging up the ground!
Sunny is doing just fine running around the house, he has a ball and wheel too and last night he ate a louse!
Me and my family are doing ok tackling the situation day by day, isolation isn’t all bad some of it is fun,
but if am truly honest I’ll be glad when this is all done!!!

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