Kilvrough 2016

Day 1 (Monday)

After a fairly straightforward journey we arrived at Kilvrough.  When we arrived, we left our bags out at the front of the building and went inside for a briefing with Jamie, our course leader.  After a good lunch of tomato soup, we took all of our bags up to our rooms and made our beds.  Then, after a short while, we were called outside, where we were spoken to about the locations of the fire exits and who our instructors are.

Then, we went off in our groups and had another (quick) briefing, and then we went out into the grounds, and each different group did different activities.  My group went on the obstacle course, and we all had great fun!  After our short activities, we were then given a tour of the building so we knew where everything was.

Then, we had dinner, and at seven o’clock we were put into groups with the children from Hanborough Manor School and went off on an orienteering activity.  Finally, we had some free time to play around and enjoy each other’s company.  That’s it for now, as I’m off to bed.


Day 1


Day 1 b

Day 2 (Tuesday)

Wow, what a packed day it’s been today!! The morning started with room inspections and I have to say that the tidiness of some of the rooms was admirable. Some less so. Following breakfast it was time to get kitted out for our trip underground. All the children supported each other fantastically well and they all overcame a variety of challenges in the caves. I think there are a lot of proud children running around the centre now. After a tasty chicken dinner  (with absolutely no complaints!!) we all went for a great evening ramble to a viewpoint overlooking Three Cliffs Bay. The weather has been pretty wet but it’s not stopped us from doing anything and it cleared up beautifully for our evening walk. All children happily tucked up now and looking forward to a day in the canoes tomorrow. Will post again tomorrow evening.





Day 3 Wednesday

We awoke at 7.20am, Emma was very tired and the first thing she said was “I’m hungry!”. We had a good breakfast (the croissants were tres bien!!). After breakfast we had our room inspections and Mr Bell very kindly awarded us 9.535 out of a possible 10 (we beat the Y6 boys!!!) Our activity today was canoeing. It was so fun!! We all got really wet and we went down a rapid in the canoe two people at a time. We arrived back at Kilvrough, sorted our equipment out (which took forever) and then we went back to our dorms and chilled. After that, we played football and had the best spaghetti bolognese. We’re now writing this in our chill time before den building this evening. Then it’s hot chocolate around a fire followed by bed. Ella really needs the toilet, so we’re going to leave it there.

Ella, Emma and Tally


More pictures of today to follow…








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